Maxine and I have known each other for many years. Having a long term relationship is so important to hearing aid success.


Alan and I met 5 yrs ago. He loves his hearing aids and especially loves the recharge ability of his batteries. He only needs to change out the batteries once a year. So easy!


Jim just celebrated 3 years with his hearing aids. He wears them everyday and is so pleased to have great hearing.

Irma, Audiology Network Services patient

Irma has been wearing hearing aids since she was in the first grade. Hearing loss is in the family genes. She is a very dedicated hearing aid user. It is a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Irma for being such a positive person.

Marie, satisfied hearing aid user

Meet Marie. She celebrated 101 years last week. She loves her hearing aids and wears them everyday.

Irene, a happy hearing aid patient

Irene has been wearing hearing aids since February 2016 and she loves them. Irene says” my hearing aids are a Godsend, I can hear my priest at church and my family is so thrilled”